I would of been happier if she had. It would of validated my me v. them attitude.

I was chasing after some dumb boy. He didn’t matter then and he doesn’t matter now. Nonetheless, I was head over heels. I followed him to a party so that I should spit game in his direction. Many at the party offered advice on how to approach the boy in question. Another nice, yet straight boy took an extreme interest in my love life. He said that one should simply approach their crush and demand their attention—one should command their love. While I don’t necessarily buy into that idea of courtship, I must admit I was glad for the effort. That’s when she came up and nearly took my face off.

She was the nice, straight boy’s girlfriend. She didn’t strike me as very nice. She yelled at me for trying to tempt him away from her. She was absolutely convinced. Nothing I could say was going to convince her otherwise. The Fury finally calmed down, but the damage was done. Everyone now saw me as a kind of perverse snake; terribly tempting straight boys away from Eden. Needless to say, I left that party.


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