I have a job. A job I get paid a lot to do. But I’ve had many fantasies lately about getting a different job, something mundane or whatever. Today, on an impulse, I picked up an application for a local coffee shop. I don’t need to get the job, but I figured that I’d try anyway. I managed to lose my old resume, so I had to write out a new one. It was an interesting, enlightening experience.

The last time I looked at my resume was a year ago—I’ve changed so much since then. I’ve defiantly gotten wordier; I use huge sentences even when someone requests a concise report. I’m also much more proud. I’ve become confident in my ability to communicate.

I’m also amazed that I’ve done so many things. Filling out a resume is hard because it makes you quantify experiences. My new resume is three pages long, and that is after I cut out quite a bit of stuff. I guess I’ve had a lively year. I’ve worked in a lot of transitory jobs, and have done a lot of different school activities.

I wonder if they will give me the job.


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