Who am I? The question on everyone’s, including mine, mind. Writing an “about me” page should be easy. If anyone knows me, it should be me. I’m  literally around me all the time. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, I’m not really sure who I am yet. I’m still relatively young; I’ve only just hit the 20’s. But I’d expect to know something about myself at this point. It turns out that I still constantly surprise myself. I can be irrational, mean and temperamental. Maybe this is what it feels like to be 20. One spends 20 years creating something, only to stop and examine what they’ve made later on. Really, it is terrifying to not know much about yourself. But what if that is the point of this stage in my life? To learn about and accept who I am. But the bigger, looming question is, how do I learn to accept myself?


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